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Thread: PA Area

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    Pittsburgh, PA

    Default Re: PA Area

    I am from Western PA, about 1 hour north of Pittsburgh. On FB and in car shows within 100 miles of where I live, I regularly talk with 14 owners of Grand Prix's (and a sparse few Buick Regal owners) and most of the car owners keep their rides in pretty good condition. About 4 of us keep attend car shows at least 1 time a month. And of the 14 GP owners, I would say 8 post updates and talk about the w-body scene on FB almost daily. Myself and 2 others post on FB multiple times a day. So, I would say western PA is still alive and well. I am not including the w-body owners from central and eastern PA. Just a quick estimation, I would say the number could be as high as 23-30.

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    Default Re: PA Area

    Enough for a lil group club........
    Not your average grocery getter, but theres always at least two things on the list.... 10w-30 Castrol Titanium and Shell 91 premium mixed with a lil 100 octane racing gas......

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