So I posted up I picked up an 04 GP GT2, seems to be well optioned ,sunroof, driving lights(one needs new bulb probably), 193k, rattly engine and abs/traction control has issue(I do have 2 new rear wheel bearings so only thing left might be one of the fronts).
Car came with new rt axle and oil pan gasket, 2 yr old 3 yr free replacement battery(already warrantied), and decent whale-mart tires(Ill probably slap pair of winterforce on front before snow flies after it gets new engine.
Will polish up headlights for now, replace later.
Buddy who turned me on to this car finally got it up to my work and boss at work made deal with me, I redo brake lines on Tracker he picked up and Ill get a free engine. Told him I would prefer UNDER 125K, newest year possible. and from LKQ as they have 6mo warranty.
Ill have to turn or replace rotors due to rust and maybe pads.
Thats from sitting.
I forgot how good stereo in these car was till I cranked up AC DC cd in radio.
So far other than the fog/driving light out.
And Ill send it to local detail place DDI that does all the local small lots detail work. Mostly for interior cleaning as DS door IS FILTHY.
Also need to pick up new console top.
So far with all new parts, I spent about $60 on car! then deduct mass of stuck change in car I may wind up with nearly free car.
My DD 94 Olds 98 I got from my mom is down so I am driving my 66 Caprice 4dr HT, and working through its little issues like bad turnsignal switch, brake issues, loose front end parts but I have put 5k miles on it and 87-up 305 with carb has so far been nearly fault free!
But for nasty weather I think a car with ABS/Trac control and FWD might get along a bit better in snow and ice. Dont think 66 has posi and I dont want to take 255/60s off for snow tires.
Dont think manual drum brakes would be bad thing for winter but havent driven older car in bad weather in 10+ yrs.
Still debating on installing silverado front seats, the ones with integral seatbelts. Right now I RCI race la belt from 5 point kit I had.
Still trying to deal with getting a set of headers. But job change really screwed up my financial plans for modding car. Do have Gen V and intake that came from ZZP kit that installed blower on car with out L36 heads. Have intake with bungs and fuel rails. Just need parts for blower belt drive, proper injectors, and then I can tune and drive.