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    Default LIM fiber or similar gaskets

    I recently did the LIM gaskets and I used the supplied fiber gaskets (with the orange seal on them) for the thermostat housing and a rectangular coolant passage cover on the LIM. I've found now that both are leaking slightly or appeared to be fouled and if I should just pull the t-housing and side cover and use black RTV instead of the fiber gaskets.

    Let me know what the best fix for this is, thanks.

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    Default Re: LIM fiber or similar gaskets

    I'm not sure if you cleaned the area very well before applying the gaskets, but when mine leaked, it was cause there was still gasket material hardened onto the lim. once I cleaned it off and put a new gasket on it sealed.

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    Default Re: LIM fiber or similar gaskets

    You can rtv both. Been done 100's of times.

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