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    Default New to me GXP(What should I do to it or check)

    I am a new owner of a 2007 GXP, I havent really looked at everything but it appears to be all stock except for a rebuilt trans i can tell. Its painted and i can tell it has a new gasket. I can already tell it more than likely needs rear struts I can hear them when going slow and back is very bouncing as well. A few questions I would like to know how to install the oil canister to the PCV value since i know it will burn oil. Also anything else i should look into? I am just trying to get ideas as i don't want to put much money into it yet. Also i would like idea on adding hard free bluetooth and usb or mp3 support with maybe aux in without changing the radio. I dont want to lose the gps or steering wheel/Headsup display feature.

    Thank you for any suggestions

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    Default Re: New to me GXP(What should I do to it or check)

    Not an answer sorry, but dude isn't the GXP just damm awesome?! I just got a red 2008 myself. 1500 down including taxes and fees and plates. Will end up paying in total around 7k. Insurance is more than I'd like, but that's because I'm young. I've heard these cars wreck the transmission, don't know if just bad from factory or people get on em too hard and think a transmission is gonna hold up after serious abuse. I try to not do a lot of sudden acceleration. Also damm, I was also thinking of getting an aftermarket screen radio with nav, but now that you mention the steering controls I really like using them. Might just get a factory radio with an aux input, ive seen them on ebay(plus the reason my radio buttons work wonky). I thought I'd get a silver one to match the black and silver accents that you can see in the car. Hope you get your stuff fixed, I'm having same noise due to worked out suspension, feels rougher than I thought it would ,but could be because it's wrecked since it makes a squeaky noise when I go over bumps. Luckily the dealer agreed to fix that, plus the non working rear left window. My car really needs a good polish and some wheels. Dude who owned it before me gave it some nasty curb rash. Mine has 144k+ on the odom. btw.

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    Default Re: New to me GXP(What should I do to it or check)

    They do wreck the transmissions. Mainly because they are no stronger than the ones in the less powerful supercharged cars. Basically only the chain inside the transmission is upgraded over the V6 cars.

    The V8's aluminum block transfers far more heat into the transmission than the V6's do and that will cause much higher transmission temps. High fluid temps burn out the fluid quicker and the clutches inside the transmission. A external cooler is basically a must if you live anywhere that gets luke warm during the summer times.

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