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    Default Noticible wobble in the front end when slowly coming to a stop

    I've noticed recently that it just started doing this, replaced rotars and brake pads. Sway bar and CVs, my guess is that the tie rod ends and bushings needs replaced.

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    Default Re: Noticible wobble in the front end when slowly coming to a stop

    That or control arm bushings/ball joints. Get it up in the air and grab the tire at 3 and 9 and push/pull to see where the play might be. If it is control arm bushing or ball joint just get yourself an entire new control arm as they come with new ball joints ready to go. Just grease them and install.

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    Default Re: Noticible wobble in the front end when slowly coming to a stop

    You'll want to jack up the front end and check for play.

    With the steering wheel not locked (key in the ignition) try to check for play at 9 and 3 to check for tie rod end movement. You can grab the front of the tire and check for ball joint play and 12/6 would be wheel bearings.

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