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    Default Newbie looking for advice

    Newbie to the forum and Grand Prix's. My love for Pontiacs goes back to the early 80's though. I picked up a bone stock 2001 GTP and have big plans long term but need advice and parts NOW. Wanting a cold air intake. The ZZP one looks good. Any others I should consider? I also want a catch can set up. No clue on this one. Any advice? I want an inter cooler. Again, advice? Believe me I am/ will be reading but at the same time I like to hear people's advice and learn from their experience. I'm a retired Soldier with PTSD so I'm not loaded and it saves me time and money to learn from others' experiences.

    Thanks for any and all help,
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    Default Re: Newbie looking for advice

    Intakes are for looks and to make your wallet suffer. Most just make there own as there is really no difference between the intake you buy for over $200 and the intake you could build for $50-80. They just don't magacially add horsepower.

    Intercooler is your choice, ZZP sells a complete kit and it works or a member here sells the intercooler core and you can buy the heat exchanger and pump yourself.

    Catch cans aren't really needed on these engines, they don't have much problem at all with oil consumption or a need to seperate a lot of moisture if you drive it longer than 10 minutes.

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    Default Re: Newbie looking for advice

    this ic is about the best around. http://www.grandprixforums.net/threa...-s-LOOK-INSIDE

    and your best to make your own cai. run ya like 45 bucks tops all parts are local. http://www.grandprixforums.net/threa...DIY-Air-Intake

    most of us try to avoid zzp and their prices. sadly there are some things you need to suck up and get there, but theres plenty of used parts going around as well. every last mod i have is used. bought not one thing NEW.

    your gonna want headers and a tune to support the ic and smaller pulley you no doubt will be craving.

    and thanks for your service

    98 Buick Regal GS, F body brakes, Caddy STS wheels, tinted tails L36 bottom end, lightly ported heads, 1.95 roller rockers, headers, 2.8, FSIC, 42 lb injectors, a BrandonHall rebuilt trans, DHP tuned and AEM water/Meth injection https://goo.gl/gpV5kW

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    Default Re: Newbie looking for advice

    this is what my intake used to look like, don't bother spending much on an intake because they really don't make any difference.


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