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    Default Newbie to the site

    Alright guys, I'm a newbie to the site and its looking like I will be buying a 2001 GP GTP. Probably going to be wanting advice on increasing HP and things. I plan on buying a car that I can use to donate its major organs so that I may build a complete drivetrain to drop in all at once when it's done or I feel it's needed. I bought my son a 2002 GP SE about 6 years ago. It has the 3.1 and the only thing I've had to do other than what you would expect from a vehicle with its age and mileage (180,000) is the intake gasket leak. Pretty common for the engine and I replaced it with the hardware that fixes the issue. Anyway, I'm Dan, retired Army originally from CT, but call TN my home now. I hope to speak and learn from each other on here and continue with our love of the vehicle. GM screwed up by nixing Pontiac and keeping Buick, but who am I?

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    Default Re: Newbie to the site

    Glad you're joining us dromain! There's lots of mods possible, and lots of good information here as well! Still very active site so don't hesitate to ask!

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    Default Re: Newbie to the site

    Turbo or dont mod at all.

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    Default Re: Newbie to the site

    ^^^This I'm not doing anything else to my engine until I can get a turbo kit and trans to take it ish. Pound for pound you can't beat it SC with all the mods you can throw at it won't beat a basic turbo kit

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