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    Default Re: Want To Add Trans Cooler

    The temp on the DIC goes much higher than 197, teens is nothing for winter really(try some New England - degrees). You should be running a good sized cooler stand alone . Coolant temps are a whole other issue, a flush and new thermostat is overdue if not already serviced(t stat is a royal pain). These transmissions are the weak link, and if your fluid is brownish you already know its an issue. Do some searching on this site as well as LS1TECH in the LS4 section, there are thousands of posts transmission related.Good luck

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    Default Re: Want To Add Trans Cooler

    Quote Originally Posted by jbamonte View Post
    You really need to broaden your information base....Last word on this topic for me!

    Do some search beyond GM vehicles and you will find many tranny's that routinely run 140-150 degrees normally and lower especially when not under a severe load which is most of the time. The tranny's in truck and some SUV's run these temperatures all day long....when not stressed. Most car documentation stresses that 175 is the upper limit for longevity of transmissions..the upper limit!

    I could care less that it works on a Ford or whatever else.

    Great job. The GP you also drive, last I remember is a 3100. Hardly a good comparison for ***ks sake. Secondly, no OEM bone stock WBody...3100, 3800, supercharged car, etc...ever had stock trans temps below 170*. Most of them run 180-190. Ever think that maybe you've got sh1t gauges monitoring it, too? lol

    Lastly; you're missing the 747 flying right over your head that none of that low temp/two cooler crap applies here. It's two totally different platforms. Ford might say 150* is fine; doesn't mean it's the same here for the GXP. Not to mention this is a large, aluminum V8, stuffed in a cramped FWD engine bay, being controlled by a transmission honestly made for something with half the power and much less heat.

    But keep punching away with your thumbs about how two coolers work on your Mustang. It doesn't work here.
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