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    Default New Grand Prix Owner - 1999 GT 4 Door

    Hey there everyone! I'm 18 and i have just purchased my first car, which as you can see is a 1999 Grand Prix Gt 4 Door. My dad had a 1997 Grand prix that he loved but he got rid of a while back. I'm looking to modify my car over the next few months and i wanted to find out what the best companies to go for. I know that i don't have the GTP unfortunately, but i'd love to put in a super charger down the line. Right now i'm looking for more exhaust, cat delete, etc. Let me know what i should do!

    -Thanks everyone!

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    Default Re: New Grand Prix Owner - 1999 GT 4 Door

    Do all the basic maintenance things first. Plugs, wires, replace the LIM gaskets, coolant elbows, coolant flush. I'd also throw in a Trans-Go shift kit and do a pan drop/filter change on the existing trans. NO FLUSHING! Once you have a good solid running car that you now know the maint. history on, then you can start gathering parts for what is known as a "top swap". Which basically means you install the heads, LIM and Supercharger parts off a GTP onto your GT motor. Then you get a tune to make it run right. Then start saving for a transmission because I know when I was 18 I was not always "nice" to things, lol.. And these trans are made of glass on a stock motor, let alone a boosted one.

    You could get a 3" ZZP catted downpipe which will eliminate the u-bend after the cat and likely replace a the worn out cat converter that the 99 has on it. They also make one w/o the cat but it will not pass visual inspection if you have those where you live.

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    Default Re: New Grand Prix Owner - 1999 GT 4 Door

    Keep stock mufflers if you enjoy hearing yourself think inside the car. Aftermarket mufflers will drone all the time on a V6 like this.

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