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    Question L32 LIM Gasket Question

    Sorry if this has been asked, I searched for a while with no luck.

    I've been trying to get info on 3800 LIM gasket changes to prepare for changing mine on my 04 GTP with an L32 series III. Problem is, I can only seem to find info and walkthroughs for series II engines.

    I'm just trying to figure out if/what steps change from the series II to the series III, and what different gaskets and parts are required.

    So far this is my parts list:

    - Aluminum LIM Gaskets
    - S/C Gasket
    - Thermostat Housing Gasket & O Ring
    - Valve cover gaskets
    - Aluminum coolant elbows
    - ACDelco RTV
    - Coolant, oil, filter, thermostat

    Now I just put brand new injectors in only a few weeks ago so I wasn't worried about the O rings on those (should I?)

    If anyone has any specific gasket models to recommend, or good walkthroughs, extra parts, etc, it'd be greatly appreciated.
    I was planning to get almost all of the above parts from ZZPerformance unless it's advised against getting there.
    2004 GP GTP Comp G / 124,000km / TransGo Shift Kit, Spectre Open Cone, 180 Tstat, AL605's, ZZP 3" catted DP, ZZP front PLog, Intense PCM
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    Default Re: L32 LIM Gasket Question

    The procedure is literally the exact same between a L67 and L32. Don't forget thread sealant for the LIM bolts, other than that you're good to go.

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