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    SE Level Member Felix's Avatar
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    Jul 2016

    Default Engine/Trans Mounts

    Just wondering what set of engine/trans mounts you guys recommend. Wanna replace the cheap mounts I had put in mine (was broke at the time and needed a band-aid fix). Heard of the poly mounts from ZZP, people seem to have a mixed opinion about em.
    EDIT: For 02 Grand Prix GTP
    Plis Halp

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    GrandPrix Junkie Bronco Boy's Avatar
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    Jul 2010

    Default Re: Engine/Trans Mounts

    Installed these about 5 years ago.....

    They are still holding up.
    Chris B
    2002 GT

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    GrandPrix Junkie SgtMarshal's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Kemmerer, Wyoming

    Default Re: Engine/Trans Mounts

    the ZZP polyurethane mounts are ok, if you put a poly trans mount in you will feel more vibration. it's not bad, but definitely noticeable. I bought a oem engine mount and filled it with polyurethane, it is solid now and would be good for you. It is just not pretty to look at. if you want it I could sell it for a reasonable price.

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