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    Wink Racing a police officer...and NOT getting a ticket.

    DISCLAIMER: Don't try this at home.

    I was just doing a routine test drive, I do it every time I work on the car just to make sure I don't get a nasty surprise on my way to work the next morning...

    Pulled up next to a police Impala, complete with officer, at a stop light before a nice long straight stretch of road. He rolls down his passenger window right as I look over and says "I bet you $10 I'll hit 55 before you."

    Me, being cautious, I hesitate a moment before replying and he revs his engine and grins. So I, throwing caution to the wind, reciprocate.

    Light turns green, I hear his tires squeal just a little bit but (somehow) mine catch just right and I hold it. I look down at the speedo and I'm already at 40, I glance over and his bumper is right at my door. I back off right at 55, he catches up immediately and motions for me to pull over, still grinning.

    He pulls up behind me, no lights or siren, walks up to my door and asks me to get out. At this point I'm starting to freak out.

    Then he reaches out for a handshake and slaps a ten into my hand.

    Turns out he used to have a 05 GTP a few years ago and thought that's what I had, just debadged. We talk for a few minutes about GP's, he seemed surprised that mine was just a GT. After that he says he's gonna look for another GP, because he really misses his.

    I had to sit on the side of the road for a minute after he left and process what had just happened... lol

    Handling upgrades, go-slow parts, and an attitude.

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    Default Re: Racing a police officer...and NOT getting a ticket.

    Cool story..

    After doing some work for a localish guy who was introduced through another customer we were out for some scanning/shakedown. He was ripping right along and I suggested he slow as cops like to sit at this one turn around on the highway we were on. He says to me "it's ok I won't get a ticket". That intrigues me, I figure he has a card or friends. Turns out he had his state trooper badge on him. He wasn't going to get a ticket.

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    I live here. stealthee's Avatar
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    Default Re: Racing a police officer...and NOT getting a ticket.

    Driving a vehicle with State plates (IE plates issued for state government vehicles and the like) is a good way to avoid tickets too.

    Back when I worked for a WVU program years ago and drove their trucks I could rocket past a cop at well over the limit and I never would even get a 2nd glance.
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    Default Re: Racing a police officer...and NOT getting a ticket.

    alaska must have some ***** slow cop cars.

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    Default Re: Racing a police officer...and NOT getting a ticket.

    ^right? I was messing around on the interstate in the middle of the night about 5 years ago in my little go cart (2000 ford escort), and this guy flew past me. So I decided to chase him. Got up to 98 mph, speed limit of 55. when I pass a charcoal gray mustang that was parked on the left hand emergency lane, with no lights. Immediately knew it was a cop. By the time I realized I was more than likely going to jail, he was right on my ass. Seemed like he time traveled to right behind me lol. Very fast cop car. I avoided any serious issues as I had a military plate, and he was a vet as well (:

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