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    SE Level Member GP40TH's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Green Bay, WI

    Default 02 GTP Mysterious Intermittent Idle Surge

    Hey Guys,
    My 02 GTP is experiencing an intermittent idle surge when warm (fluctuates between 300-1500 RPM at worst, sometimes stalls) which will usually last about 30 seconds. It happens when I'm coming to a stop in gear, and sometimes when I press the throttle for the first time after the car has been started if I leave it alone to warm up. If I rev it up, it revs just fine, and giving it a rev usually stops the surging once the engine returns to idle. The car acts like its hunting for the right idle speed, but drops too low, then compensates by revving up too high, then drops too low again (this is sometimes where it stalls), then revs up high, and so on. It's like an unstable control system, and its not shaking or running rough. In the meantime, I checked the short term fuel trim and it goes down to -15-20% during the surging behavior and it smells rich. I thought it could be the idle air control valve since the TPS was reading 0% while surging, so I replaced the IAC valve, but no luck there. What was really strange was that the MAF sensor was reading pretty steady values during the surging, and there aren't any check engine lights. Please help!

    Current DIC's: none
    Ongoing DIC's: P1844-
    Torque Reduction Signal Circuit Desired By TCM (predates the surging issue)
    CEL: not illuminated

    Reccent repairs:
    Battery: 2yrs old
    MAF Sensor: 6 months old
    Vacuum lines: Checked 6 months ago. Some replaced.
    Fuel Pressure Regulator: 6 months old
    Fuel Filter: 6 months old
    Injectors: Cleaned 6 months ago
    O2 Sensor: 6 months old
    TB: Cleaned 8 months ago
    Air Filter (Cone): 6 months old, pretty clean still
    Plugs and Wires: 6 months old
    IAC: Just replaced

    Engine Modifications:
    Cold air intake
    ZZP 1.0 PCM
    ZZP U-bend delete (w/out downstream O2 sensor)
    SLP Catback

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    GT Level Member mguzzo's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
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    Default Re: 02 GTP Mysterious Intermittent Idle Surge

    unplug the MAF and see if it keeps doing it.
    also check vacuum lines, especially under the SC snout and the 180* U shaped line on the throttle body.
    Current '98 GTP Coupe: Still stock and rust free. That will change.
    Old '98 GTP Coupe: VS Cam, 3.0, S2IC, 42.5#, TOGs, N*/LQ4, Corsa. it once ran a 13 flat
    Older '98 GTP Sedan: Pullied, rockered, SSIC, etc. Stock 14.33 @ 96.5 / PB: 13.89 @ 101

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    SE Level Member GP40TH's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Green Bay, WI

    Default Re: 02 GTP Mysterious Intermittent Idle Surge

    When I unplug the MAF, it is even more likely to start surging. I'll check the lines again, but I just replaced the one on the TB last summer, and at the time the one under the snout wasn't leaking.

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    Default Re: 02 GTP Mysterious Intermittent Idle Surge

    Did you unplug the MAF before you started the car to test? If not, try it that way. May need a little pedal to keep it running until the ECM figures it out then it should stay on its own.

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