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    Exclamation R.I.P. my '07 GT trans. Instead of just rebuilding, what do I need to make it better?

    My 2007 Grand Prix GT's transmission bit the dust on Friday. I was at a red light, it turned green, I tapped the gas pedal, the car shook violently and wouldn't move forward until I shifted into 2nd. I made it back home in 2nd and 4th, realizing something must be horribly wrong with 1st and 3rd. I looked into it and found that this is indicative of the forward power band failing spontaneously, and if that's the case it will require a full rebuild. My first thought: F*ck. My second thought: Okay, well if this is going to be my only shot at upgrading my transmission, I'm going to need to ask some questions on the GP forums. I had just about been ready to order the Overkill ASI, PCM, 3.4" pully and ZZP PLOGs and downpipe, but that's going to have to wait for a little while. Taking into account that I'm still going to want to modify the engine with that stuff after the fact, what should I be looking into for the transmission while my car sits in front of the transmission shop? I already had this shop install the partial 1-2 TransGo kit, so I'll be having them install the rest of the shift kit along the way of building it all back up, but what else should I seriously consider? I hadn't ever really thought about upgrading transmission parts unless it failed because of the high costs involved. Welp, it failed. So rather than becoming disgruntled, I'm choosing to see this as an opportunity. Input shafts? Output shafts? Gear ratio conversion kits? Flex plates? Pressure solenoids? Which of these would be the best to upgrade due to the necessity of a rebuild? I don't want to have to do this again, so this needs to be right. There's usually a 1-2 week waiting period at this transmission shop so I have a bit of time to place an order at ZZP or wherever and wait for it to arrive, but I just don't know what trans upgrade would benefit my car the most. My only wish (and maybe this will help you determine what I'm asking for) is that my car pulled a little harder off the line. Thanks.
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    Default Re: R.I.P. my '07 GT trans. Instead of just rebuilding, what do I need to make it bet

    Call triple edge performance and tell him your plans, he can tell you what parts you will want to upgrade.

    A stronger input shaft is always a good idea but honestly the rest can still be stock replacement parts. New clutches/plates, new solenoids, re-use stock flex plate, new stock torque converter.

    I'd rethink the 3.4 pulley though, the GEN V blower is better than the GEN 3. It's like sticking a 3.2 on a GEN 3 supercharger, go with a 3.6 pulley.

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