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    GT Level Member CHI2000GTP's Avatar
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    Default Brake Lines and Caliper Paint

    Putting in these new brake lines I got from Classic Tube. I read on another forum that their lines need to be tightened extra tight or they might leak. I was thinking of putting thread sealant on the connectors. I read that putting tape on the threads is not recommended.
    Any thoughts on using thread sealant on the brake lines?

    Also, I want to paint my calipers silver & black. The calipers are off the car. What brand paint are you guys using? There's that G2 paint, also DupliColor. Does anyone have a sure-fire process for making calipers look their best? (other than powder coating)
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    Turbo is the way to go. Fivefingerdeathpunch's Avatar
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    Default Re: Brake Lines and Caliper Paint

    No tape, I've never used that stuff on brake lines before.

    Just install the lines, make everything tight and wait a little bit, loosen the nut and then make it tight again. That can help "seat" the lines/fittings together for a better seal. On some stainless brake lines it could take several times to help seat things.

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    GrandPrix Junkie Bronco Boy's Avatar
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    Default Re: Brake Lines and Caliper Paint

    Don't put anything on brake fittings. If you do, they will most likely leak.

    For caliper paint, and major brand is good. I use Plasti-Kote.....
    Chris B
    2002 GT

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    GTP Level Member Burbman's Avatar
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    Default Re: Brake Lines and Caliper Paint

    I put a set of brake and fuel lines from Classic Tube in my 01 Suburban, no leaks. Agree don't use any sealants on the fittings.
    2002 GTP Coupe, PSE supercharger ported with 3.4 pulley, Wizaired CAI, ZZP tune, AL 104's, front Plog, 3" DP, u-bend gone, hi-flo cat, W-Body tubular trailing and lateral arms, GMPP sway bars, Vogtland springs, 245/45-18 Michelin Pilot Sport AS/3 on 18x8 wheels, 42mm offset, Dual Aeroforce interceptor gauges on A-pillar pod

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    GT Level Member NotEnoughGPs's Avatar
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    Default Re: Brake Lines and Caliper Paint

    Concerning caliper paint, consider POR-15 brand. I have used POR-15 products since the early 2000's on all my GP's and never once had an issue. They now make a dedicated caliper paint kit with everything you need for your brake calipers. I bought the kit but have not used it yet. My belief is that is will outlast the caliper paint kits from other companies. My 2 biggest issues in the past have been with paint fading and chipping. I will provide update once I apply the POR-15 caliper paint. http://www.por15.com/POR-15-Caliper-...-Kit_p_58.html
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    Default Re: Brake Lines and Caliper Paint

    Quote Originally Posted by CHI2000GTP View Post
    What brand paint are you guys using?
    I used VHT. I haven't used any, but the brush-on self leveling paint is supposed to be "better" I guess.
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