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    Default 2002 Pontiac GP headlight assembly,passenger side.

    I just installed two new OEM GM headlight assemblies on my 2002 GP GT. I noticed like the original ones I took off that the passenger side assembly feels loose compared to the drivers side one.
    It is not loose where it is mounted but overall it feels loose at the bottom, compared to the drivers side assembly.
    The passenger side one wiggles around more at the bottom.
    I got the car new in early 2002 and noticed this alittle after the warranty ran out , that the passenger side assembly would "bounce" as you drove down a rough road ,you could see it in the headlight beam hitting distant objects ,but the drivers side did not.
    A friend and I checked everything ,assembly dimensions , mounting ,etc. and both sides checked OK ,why does this passenger side assembly have a "looser fit " at the bottom then the drivers side assembly ?
    Now with new OEM assemblies ,same problem ?
    Anybody experience this problem ,if so what did you do about it ?


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    Default Re: 2002 Pontiac GP headlight assembly,passenger side.

    Never had that problem. It's normally the plastic headlight brackets that flex and begin to bounce, the factory ones are the best with some aftermarket brackets being worse than others. I always used TYC replacement brand lights and brackets with no bounce or loose fit. Always double check that the front of the bracket is going into the cut out in the metal bracket on the rad support.

    If that is fine just install some rubber weather stripping on the bottom of the headlight, it will take up the gap between the headlight/bumper and make it not as loose anymore.

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