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    GXP Level Member Bronco Boy's Avatar
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    Jul 2010

    Default Re: Cat delete be too loud?

    Installed this 7 years ago and haven't seen P0420 since.....

    Google says it is around $180-225 in 'Merican Monies.
    Chris B
    2002 GT

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    Dec 2011

    Default Re: Cat delete be too loud?

    10-4, autozone sells them so I am going to go this route.

    I have already contacted ZZperformance to return the straight pipe and they said that will be fine.

    So this weekend I install the walker and see what happens. If I still have an issue I may try switching to Acdelco O2 sensors as I am running Bosch right now and have read mix reviews on those.

    thanks for the tip

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    Rarely Here Anymore HighOctaneRacing's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Palmer, MA

    Default Re: Cat delete be too loud?

    If the emulator worked for several years and then the code showed up again, that means the emulator is dead btw. You could've just got a new one but like other said tuning it out is the best way

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