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    GT Level Member UCF04GPGTPCompG's Avatar
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    Default 2004 GP Fuel Pump Removal Tool

    I'm trying to find the name and where to purchase a specialty tool that is made to easily remove the locking collar on the 2004 Grand Prix Fuel Pump Module. I've removed it before with screwdriver/hammer but it was a massive pain and I'm probably working alone on it this time around. Last time it took two people with screwdriver/hammer to create the needed torque to tighten it down. Thanks for any help you can provide!
    2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Competition Group (205K)
    Engine Mods: K&N Air Intake, ZZP 3'' Downpipe w/MagnaFlow Cat
    Other Mods: Llumar 30/15 Tinting, Interior/Exterior LEDs

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    Default Re: 2004 GP Fuel Pump Removal Tool

    as far as a tool, ive never heard of one, a brass punch and a hammer is how to install it. screw driver can spark when struck.

    98 Buick Regal GS, F body brakes, Caddy STS wheels, tinted tails L36 bottom end, lightly ported heads, 1.95 roller rockers, headers, 2.8, FSIC, 42 lb injectors, a BrandonHall rebuilt trans, DHP tuned and AEM water/Meth injection https://goo.gl/gpV5kW

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    Default Re: 2004 GP Fuel Pump Removal Tool

    I just vise grip 2 of my flat chisels (hex shank) to my 40" square shank pry bar.
    if they are really stubborn I'll have to use my 24 inch pry bar at the tops of the chisels to keep them from rolling over as I break it free.... you'll get the hang of it

    The last of the steel retainers was back in 98/99/00. Anything newer is a plastic collar
    ~James~ Psychotic Gearhead
    projects: 84 Cressida waGN~ 90 LN3 3800, equal length headers, T70, 89 700r4, misc parts,
    1994 Oldsmobile 442 (462ci-4wd-2 engines) L67/4t80e^2,
    00 Turbo Regal 608 fwhp 575ftlbs at 5500rpm, 98 WhippledRiv, 97 GTP

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    Default Re: 2004 GP Fuel Pump Removal Tool

    Sure your going in the right direction?
    06 GXP | 222/227 cam/cartuning turbo kit on 8psi/meth/e85 coilovers/ still on stock trans at 130k

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    Default Re: 2004 GP Fuel Pump Removal Tool

    I've never used or needed one, but here you go.....

    Chris B
    2002 GT

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    Donating Users brettstoner's Avatar
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    Default Re: 2004 GP Fuel Pump Removal Tool

    Shouldn't be that hard even when rusty. Screwdriver and hammer but where you hit it is key. If you don't have all the tabs started right it won't go. I push the pump down and twist the lock ring til it stops by hand. Then look at each tab and go around with hammer and screwdriver to get each tab in place and lined up right . Once each tab is lined up tap it in multiple positions to lock it in. If you hit it in the same spot the ring will move out of position and no longer line up with the tabs. Sometimes it helps to hit down and towards the locking tab.
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    04 GP GT- top swap, VS cam, 3.0 pulley, E85, headers, 60 injectors, TEP 3:29 trans, Racelogic Traction Control, ZZP dyno tuned, 300 hp daily driver.

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