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    Default Any insight would be appreciated. TAC needs serviced light is on.

    I haven't updated this profile in years. I have a 2006 Grand Prix GT, which is basically the GTP starting in 06. I have a cylinder (1) that's misfiring and it's my understanding that the car is "losing power" (I can hardly tell, just idles slightly less than perfectly quite sometimes, not even loud). And it will eventually just die on me? People have driven cars like this for months and months. It's not the top of the cylinder and any car person is telling me I need a new engine. Any convo on that would be cool. But I'm just here asking if a warning to service my TCS traction control system be caused by a cylinder misfiring? Seems like a unrelated issue to me, but could it be the cylinder? I know this sounds dumb, I didn't grow up working on cars with family and friends. I bought this car in perfect condition from one owner who followed all routine maintenance for 4000 and it's a blessing. I address every issue promptly, regardless of my ignorance. I moved across the country and my car friends aren't here and any advice to save me from going to go pay someone to tell me how much I have to pay would be really cool. Car was fine, parked took key out, forgot something, and then I turned it back on the TCS warning came on with the ABS light , seemed like the power steering was at 50% and the supercharger doesn't seem to be working (probably because the TAC isn't?). I just wanted to know if it could be related at all, because if it's cheap, I'll just fix it. The car has been good to me. If it's less than 300, I'll just fix it even though that's dumb, because I need 2-3 months to get another car. So, please tell me I'm silly for even asking if a cylinder misfiring would have anything to do with my issue. If it does, then the cars just going to get worse, and I'll ditch it But if it's not, and it's cheap, why not get another few months out of my car? Yes, this is long and I'm dumb as hell. I know. Any info is welcomed, I understand talking about this stuff online is pointless without seeing. But the cylinder has nothing to do with my issues, right?

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    Default Re: Any insight would be appreciated. TAC needs serviced light is on.

    From the information you posted, it is difficult to understand the issue.

    Allow me to try and rephrase, please confirm or let me know if I totally missed it:
    You've had a misfire forever and that you address every issue promptly. This was confusing to me.
    You say the misfire is nothing and yet you say people tell you that your engine is bad. That seems like two very different feelings on that misfire.
    The reason you are posting is the traction control and abs lights came on and now it feels like the power steering and supercharger aren't working properly.

    ABS/Traction usually isn't related to a misfire. However each of those can reduce power depending upon the fault.

    I'd start off by popping by the auto parts place and getting a free read of the codes, then pop back on here and post the codes and the descriptions of them. That would help us desktop diagnose it much better for you.

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