I havent seen a thread dedicated to posting dyno results and mods and since I just went to the Dyno over the weekend I thought I'd start one.

Setup while on the dyno, 3rd gear runs:
2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Competition Group
(Stock 3.29 gear ratio)
ZZP front Powerlog
ZZP rear Powerlog
ZZP 3" Downpipe with highflow cat
ZZP 3" Catback exhaust
open cone air intake
180* thermostat
W-body store 10mm plug wires
AutoLite 104s

ZZP Ported and polished lower intake manifold

Overkill (revised stock tune) for 180* thermostat and open intake:
220whp 232wtq

Dash view 3rd gear run

Outside view another 3rd gear run

Dyno slip

I'll be dropping to a 3.6 pulley, #60 dekka injectors and an LQ4 MAF very soon and afterwards I will return to the Dyno again to see the changes.

I got this car 6 years ago, loved it and have daily driven it since then. The majority of my mods were installed in the last 2-3 years. The tune was put in not too long after I got the car. It currently has 165k miles on it.

Post your dyno sheets and setups, I want to see what you're making.