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    Default New 2007 GP - Preventative Maintenance?

    So the tranny my 99 GTP which I have had for 14 years just took a dump. Decided not to repair it. Picked up a new 2007 GP (137,000 Km) for just a little more than what it would have cost to repair the tranny. The series III has the metal LIM gaskets so I think I am OK there. Any other problematic areas on the Series III I should be looking for? Are the pulleys on the Serpentine belt still prone to failure?

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    Default Re: New 2007 GP - Preventative Maintenance?

    everything your used to failing can and will fail on this new car. its all the same maint wise.

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    Default Re: New 2007 GP - Preventative Maintenance?

    I thought the LIM and UIM were better on the gen 3 3800. And the rear strut towers aren't nearly as easy to rot?

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    Default Re: New 2007 GP - Preventative Maintenance?

    Not all series 3 engines have better LIM gaskets, only after 2005.5ish did they start with the metal ones. For him he is good there. The UIM is metal and not plastic which is a plus on the NA motors. Strut towers likely won't happen as they run rear wheel well liners and the rocker rust less but still rust if no taken care of.

    Otherwise like said all the problems a 97-03 motor could have, the 04-08 can have. The block is the exact same and so are many of the other parts inside it and bolted to it.

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