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    I can't car too good. SaukRapids's Avatar
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    Default There's a USB OBD2 adapter for Torque (cheap option for fast polling)

    I found a while ago that my old USB adapter works with Torque. The adapter cable for a Samsung S5 came today. Plugged it in with Torque running and got a message like "Use this USB adapter for Torque by default?" so I can confirm it connects to smartphones.

    Wiki thing that showed some bluetooth adapter info and comparison. Note the section with the clones. My previous one is a blue ELM327 cheapo that's slow indeed. - https://torque-bhp.com/wiki/Bluetooth_Adapters

    Scantool USB is here for $29.99 (also available on Amazon) - https://www.scantool.net/scan-tools/

    Screen of the reference page. The car's computer only puts out so much data anyway, but this adapter had the highest PID rate on the list.

    Cheap micro-usb female adapter cable I got off Amazon.

    Smartphone side.

    It looks like it's a good alternative to a more expensive bluetooth one, but there's approx. 5 feet of cord. I'll probably run mine under the steering wheel to near the console.

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    Default Re: There's a USB OBD2 adapter for Torque (cheap option for fast polling)

    If u flip thru my pages you can see I got into a lil debate about these devices with another guy. It was over Bluetooth vs usb transfer rate. Now even though I'm well aware our pcm's send out the data at a fixed rate, the usb 2.0 scantool device has a faster transfer rate than Bluetooth and WiFi combined. In other words, the usb device takes that fixed data and translates it to the software a lil better. I have the same cable u bought and even tho I sucks having to route the cable I felt this device worked best with the torque app I have for my tablet. To each his own I guess...
    98 Grand prix SE to GTP conversion( in works). Full body conversion in works, drilled n slotted rotors, ceramics, all new suspension, custom CAI, NGK wires/Vpower plugs, SD headers, 180 Tstat, AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF PAINT BABY!! Tuned by E&J performance.

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