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    GXP Level Member Grimsin's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
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    Default Sad and funny news

    The sad news is I think I got beat or tied a old hatch back civic(90's style)had a eBay type r badge on it and was loud but no huge ass ricer muffler on it so thinking it may have had a engine swap .also noticed it had no back seat and so thin/light weight driver and passenger seats so he did some weight reduction. first little race I smoked him at launch all the way to 50 mph and I shut down cause it was way over the current speed limit.

    Then we got to a 60mph zone and I was behind him(he flew by me when I shut down from the first race), the car infront of him moved over and he down shifted and I floored it, and my car went into third gear..( I have 3.69 gears and need the car to be under 60mph to shift from 4th to 2nd) so he got a car length or so ahead of me before i started to reel him back... But I got to top of third gear(110mph) and shut down I wasn't going to go any faster. So he beat me lol but I give that civic props it was a speedy little thing.

    Now the funny news, 13 hours later I'm heading back to work and what do I see, a tow truck lifting the front end of his car and oil was everywhere lols, cheered me up a little.

    3.8l N/A POWA! :4'' HAI\L67 HVTB\HV3\ER Rockers\WP underdrive pulley\Headers\cat delete\91 octane overkill incar tune.3.69 gears, Trans go shift kit.
    My Car:http://www.grandprixforums.net/threa...2005-Impala-LS

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    Default Re: Sad and funny news

    KAPOW... Ricer Karma is a B!tch !
    not what it looks like

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