Eeellllooooo (Mrs Doubtfire)

My Hubs came in. A bit dark and a bit cold to change em out. I'll do it tomorrow

Fobs arrived also. Followed Programming procedure without success. Tried another one that was posted and it too didn't work. Anyways finally figured it out. At the instructions where it says Open/close door and a chime will sound never happened.

Instead mine would flash the Seatbelt and Ding once...then twice....then 3x....then 4. It would repeat it continuously after a slight pause after 4. So anyways on my 3rd attempt of trying to get a single chime I finally gave up and when it started it's multiple chiming I just held the unlock/lock and in the middle of the 3 stopped...chimed once (kept holding buttons) then chimed again about 5 seconds later. I grabbed the other one and it chimed ONCE after 7 seconds (held it for 30). Anyways it worked and they work fine.