Sorry guys if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but this morning around 5:15 I'm on my way to work here in the San Francisco bay area(Berkeley to be exact)on the highway and come up on silver 97-03 GP and take notice because the car looks good and to be a lowered de-badged GTP with LED brake lights, after market catback, and probably a catless downpipe judging by the smell of the exhaust when he got on the gas. The car was well taken care of for a Cali GP because most Cali GPs I see are beat to hell or on 26s with the fenders cut. I figure let me pull close to him and give him his props and a thumbs up to tell him nice car, but he speeds up(probably because I was some what close on his bumper to admire his car and I have 6000k hid low beams and fogs, please forgive me)I think to try and pull away from me. So me being me I get on the pedal hard and pull on him pretty good to about 115 and let off the gas. He catches up and passes me as we both merge onto the next highway into Richmond and I figure maybe we do one another pull. I get in the gas again and pull past him and get to see his head lights in my side view and rear view mirrors and realize I've seen this car before because he has what I believe to be a set of Classy Pontiacs retros which looked be pretty damn good with great light out put. Finally, I was able to give him a thumbs up and he gave an acknowledgment back just before I had to get off the highway to get work. I said all that to say this, dude with the silver 97-03 GTP, if you're on this forum and you had a run with a silver 06 GP this morning, your car looks great, and it's good to see another SF bay area well taken care of modded GP. They,re ain't too many of us around in the Bay lol.