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Thread: Luke's GTP

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    Default Re: Luke's GTP

    Quote Originally Posted by WarStryker13 View Post
    Trust me, I know how bad they can be...And then I fixed it. lol Might give you an idea of how to get yours out.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that suffered! haha Thanks for the pics man, but I'm not really sure what you did there to get it out. I was gonna give it another whirl and if nothing budges take it to the shop across the street and have them get it done for 10 bucks.

    Quote Originally Posted by cheatah faheatah View Post
    Your new calipers are so purdy! Me jelly. Angry gorilla...lol. OE stamped steel trailing arms are pretty wimpy, huh? Keep at it!
    Gotta keep onnn, keepin on. Those calipers sure are purdy ain' they! I will paint them during these next few days. Got some POR-15 High Heat Paint, aluminium color. Should have an even more metallic look to them when I'm done, I think. And yeah man, super dinky OE arms. Just some sheet metal bent in a U shape. lol.
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    Default Re: Luke's GTP

    Spend the 10 buck lol your time is worth more then that.

    Instead of going angry gorilla on those bolts you could go Bob Ross on those calipers
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    Default Re: Luke's GTP

    I got a deep well socket that was bigger than the bolt, but not bigger than the washer, set it upside down on the ground, set the bolt in it head down, and gave it one good smack with the hammer on the round tip of the bolt to break it loose. then it was just a couple more small taps to get it all the way off.

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