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    Default Re: Project LQ4 - V8 S10 - Trying to chill out

    wow, not a bad time line, from look i got a truck with a 6.0, and not even knowing what you wanted it in. to tadaaaa. the s-10 on the road doing burn outs and passed inspection too.

    98 Buick Regal GS, F body brakes, Caddy STS wheels, tinted tails L36 bottom end, lightly ported heads, 1.95 roller rockers, headers, 2.8, FSIC, 42 lb injectors, a BrandonHall rebuilt trans, DHP tuned and AEM water/Meth injection https://goo.gl/gpV5kW

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    Default Re: Project LQ4 - V8 S10 - Trying to chill out

    I was highly motivated.

    So I picked up these gems late yesterday.

    Factory ZQ8's. Got them off a guy I met at the junkyard. The sound of my truck caught his attention and we started talking. These are the S10 equivalent of the Grand Prix's "Pre Gens." They're in great shape. One has a fair bit of corrosion on the inside lips, but that's the worst of it. Only got three, but I felt the price was good enough to jump on. Searching for number four. Worse case scenario I could get a repro from RockAuto but I'd rather find a used one to match the condition of the trio. You guys keep a look out for me?

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    Default Re: Project LQ4 - V8 S10 - Trying to chill out




    That ebay add also lists other trucks/codes that this wheel came from. I'm sure you already know this but maybe it'll help the search.
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