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    Default Re: Incompetent people

    Quote Originally Posted by nox View Post
    Had a Dodge Daytona with the 2.2 NA motor. Was only in the very very early run of the car (switched to the 2.5 a quarter into the model year). Only parts place in town was Auto Zone, walked in told them what I needed, yet replied with "my computer says your car doesn't have that motor".... I told him okay, 92 Lebaron instead... they wouldn't sell me the parts because "that's not the car you asked for".

    Why do they hire people with no clue to work these places?

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    I honestly think for the most part they have warm body syndrome. Who cares who is working as long as there is someone working.
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    Superchargers take away horsepower

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    Default Re: Incompetent people

    I sent my wife after Windshield Washer fluid one day to Autozone.

    She called me wanting to know for what car. I was like wtf you talking about just get some Washer Fluid. That's when she told me the Autozone Employee NEEDED the car info for the washer fluid. I asked her if this was some kind of joke. She said no he's serious. I told her leave and run down to Napa and get some.

    Since then I've befriended the Local Napa Manager cause her kids ride my School Bus (I'm a route driver and Lead Tech) and she KNOWS her ****.
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    Default Re: Incompetent people

    Their next question was gonna be "front or rear?" lol We don't like AZ either. ADV or bust.
    not what it looks like

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