Put up lots of Black Friday specials that'll run through the weekend!


LS4 Intake Manifold kits are on sale

75mm kit is $750, save $250!

90mm kit is closeout price of $1000, save $550! Only 2 available at time of writing.

More info at ls4manifold.com


3800 Series 3 Throttle Body Twist Adapter - $55 (Save $45). The twist adapter rotates your Series 3 throttle body for hood clearance when using a fullsize intercooler. If you have a turndown neck with cracked welds, this is a better and more durable solution!


50# Fuel Injectors - Series 3 $150 / Series 2 $180 includes wiring adapters (Save $95!). These 50# fuel injectors have a projected tip to spray fuel into the intake port more direct. Better idle quality and fuel economy than the traditional injectors, and more reliable. And you won't beat this price.


Overkill Tuning on Sale for $100! Save $50.

4" LS7 MAF kit for Series 2 for $99. Save $70.

Wiring Harnesses available for LS7 MAF sensors for $20.

I've put everyone on one page, scroll until you see the deal you want!