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Conversation Between 16MustangVet and GTPSHAWTY

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  1. ok cool
  2. ill give them too you once they are out and i doubt shipping will be more than trying to find something local
  3. please believe its cool no rush.. i just wanna see if it will be cheaper to get from a yard or from you.. thats all.. bargain shoppin if you will
  4. dash console driver side vanity mirror anddddd rear deck lid
  5. yea im 4 door and i was just checking...
  6. Umm everything thats tan and the passenger side air bag glove box and center councel. you have a 4 door right? this is all out of a 2 door so I think the door panels wont work and the seats are trashed.
  7. yea i know right... i hope it dont break my assent. well hell i shipped entire topswap for 50 bucks its not that heavy... i hope not.... and please pixx asap lol.. and whats included on the dash mechanical wise
  8. Hey Il get some pics tomorrow for you and check on some prices too I have a charcoal dash laying on the roof right now on a blanket its pretty light but its going to take a BIG box to fit it in.You can still have the parts as long as you pay shipping!
  9. did you have a chance to price those parts
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