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Conversation Between Trannyman95 and thomp_2

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  1. Hey...hope u can help.I have an 07 GP, 168k miles, daily driver, no mods. Had some rough shifting a few months ago, several trips to transmission shop later my trans is rebuilt by reputable shop. The car does fine but couple days later its throwing a code (p0741) & feels like its pulling out in too high of a gear. Took it back to same shop, changes a solenoid, still the same thing. He takes It apart & tells me first gear is out. Redoes that & its still doing the same thing. He has now had the car over 2 wks & has ordered a wiring harness but it hasn't came in yet & he's unsure if it fix it but has another rebuilt transmission he wants to put in the car if this doesn't work. Any ideas???
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