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Conversation Between HighOctaneRacing and BillBoost37

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  1. Hey Bill, will I need new keepers for the ER Rocker job?
  2. Don't have the time to put them on yet. Especially with potentially swapped a guy some crap from my attic for a 73K mile L67 tonight.
  3. Hey Boost, are you going to do a Write-Up for the ER Rockers lol?
  4. Bill, you are The Man. i'm gonna do the job 2morrow. u gave me the best news this week. thank you and i'll probably post pics.
  5. Hey Bill,

    I saw your write-up on tranny removal. Nice job. I have a 97 GP 3.8 and I need to replace my tranny but I want to do it topside. Can I pull the motor and trans at the same time or does it have to be done separately? Thanks Bill.
  6. Boost, i really need some advice here. i got 2 GP's with 3.8's that need oil pan gaskets. from what alldata's telling, i basically gotta pull my motor to change the gaskets. i've pulled my motor before and rebuilt it so i can pull it but i just don't have the time. there's gotta be an easier way. any help will be appreciated. thank you.
  7. I've never had to use washers. If they are the right poly bushings and you start your bolts at the same time..it shoudl be fine.
  8. hey boost, im doing gmpp sways bars. front and rear and i got the moog poly bushings. from what i've read, some people are saying i'm going to have to use washers on the bolts for the brackets in order for the poly bushings to work. is this true?
  9. hey bill, i was wondering if you've ever done an analog to digital dic convert. if so, do u think you could give me a hand? thanks
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