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Conversation Between HighOctaneRacing and The Guz

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  1. That should work. I was looking at that one as well. I ended up getting the suvlights one since they are closer to me.
  2. Putco 239007HW Premium Automotive Lighting Wiring 9007 100W Heavy Duty Harness and Relay:Amazon:Automotive this is a link to a relay harness i think is right. i tried suvlights.com but the site is down. i guess its been down for a long time but is the link i gave you the same type you have? Thanks for giving me a hand with this.
  3. I just ordered the 9007 relay harness. I don't have apart number. As far as pics of how I ran the harness but I just ran it between the bumper and the frame right behind the grilles to have the harness reach the passenger side. For the drivers side, I ran the power wires through the opening behind the headlight as I have mine connected strait to the battery terminals. You can route it the same way to the fuse box to use that as a power source.
  4. Thanks man. the site seems to be down so I'll wait a few days. I don't mean to be a PIA but do you have the part number and do u have any pics of the way u set ur harness up? thanks again
  5. I got my harness from suvlights.com
  6. Guz, I'm putting in the Phillips xtreme power bulbs in but i've been looking for a harness upgrade. some of the ones i looked at seem ok but i wanted to know what kind you used. thanks
  7. That's the only thing that I could think of. Other than that you could double check the connections. Have you posted in the main thread to see if anyone has had the same thing happen.
  8. so in order for all the info on the dic to be correct, the data line has to be working properly? hmmm, i wonder if its gettin the right voltage. also, refilled my tank today, now the avg mpg is at 0. awesome
  9. The only thing that I can think of is if the connection from the DIC to the OBD II connector is not functioning properly. That is where the data is read from. I would check that connection first.
  10. alright, i reset the whole dic. the oil life works, the gallons used seems ok but the avg fuel economy is wrong (3.4 mpg?) and the range goes from zero to low which is also screwed up still. when i hook up my scanner while driving, it cannot connect. this won't fly when i go for inspection. when the car is off but the key is on, the scanner connects. i really need help on this or the whole project will seem like a waste. any help will be highly appreciated. thanks
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