Here are the rules for the forum. We hope everyone will abide by these rules to make this a fun and informative place.

Rule 1, Pictures and video's: If it cant be shown on daytime TV, its not allowed here.

Rule 2, Language: If it cant be said on daytime TV, don't say it here (being creative is fine, but don't spell it out...examples of being creative...A$$, don't be a Richard, etc)

Rule 3, Bashing: Friendly debate is fine, and fun ribbing is fine, but crossing the line into making comments that their sole purpose is to hurt or degrade a person is not acceptable.

Vendor complaints should try to be resolved with the Vendor first before going public with a complaint. Once the complaint is public and on the forum, the Vendor should be allowed to tell their side of the story before the band wagon jumping.

Rule 4, Links To External Sites (both in the forum body and signatures: You may provide specific links to other sites as long as the link you provide is answering a question posed by one of the community members. No spamming will be tolerated. Spam links (or messages) will be deleted and the spammer dealt with accordingly.

Spam links are defined as any link that is not answering a specific question or any link that does not provide specific information.

Example: (SPAM) (Not SPAM due to providing specific information

If there was a question posted as follows:
What is the site alot of people use to post personal information about themselves?

And you posted

This would be fine as you are providing an answer to a question and is not considered SPAM.

Generic (forum) links will be deleted. Links must go to the page where the answer is found and not to the "Home" Page.

For example, if you go to Wal-Mart you wont be handed a flier for (Some other store). However, if Wal-Mart does not carry an item they have been known to refer people to Best Buy (where the item can be found). (Similarly, in the intrest of furthering the community and keeping happy customers, if content is not yet available here, please refer a member to somewhere specificly where the information can be found.)

Banning...Violations are not counted per word or post, but per warning and are kept for 12 months.

1st violation will be a PM Warning from a Staff Member and noted in your private profile (only seen by admins and moderators).
2nd violation will be a PM Warning from a Staff Member and noted in your private profile.
3rd violation will be a ban from the site for 1 week and noted in your private profile.
4th violation will be a ban from the site for 1 month and noted in your private profile.
5th violation will be a permanent ban from the site and noted in your private profile.